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Member Benefits

Nearly every senior center in the state of North Carolina is represented by the NCSCA and with that comes many, many years of knowledge and experience available to everyone. Besides peer-to-peer support we:

  • Advocate for one another for issues that matter and impact our older adults.

  • Help one another with training issues relating to policies, procedures and best practices for our sites.

  • Offer ideas on how to market and communicate what’s trending to better meet the needs of our aging communities.

  • Are there for each other through networking.

  • Collaborate and work closely with NCAOA, NCMOW and other key partners across North Carolina.

The NCSCA not only offers benefits to its members but to the community that we represent with our advocating, heart and passion to enhance the lives of the older adults we have represented, currently represent and will represent for years to come. Join us today!

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