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About Us

 The North Carolina Senior Center Alliance

and Steering Committee

The Senior Center Alliance

 According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the population age 65 and older increased from 39.6 million in 2009 to 54.1 million in 2019 (a 36% increase) and is projected to reach 94.7 million in 2060.

By 2040, there will be about 82.3 million older persons, over twice the number in 2000.  North Carolina senior centers are preparing now to meet the future demands of an aging population. 

The North Carolina Senior Center Alliance (NCSCA) is a program section of the North Carolina Association on Aging.  The goal of the NCSCA is to provide a statewide organization for senior center professionals to: 

  • Advocate for senior centers

  • Network and collaborate on common issues

  • Share information

  • Co-market initiatives

  • Provide for staff training and development


NCSCA recognizes the need for a network of support for professionals in the aging field as they work together to grow their programs and services within their communities. 


Recognized by the Older Americans Act as a community focal point, senior centers have become one of the most widely used services among America’s older adults. 


Currently there are 163 senior centers across North Carolina delivering an integrated wellness system for older adults.  Senior centers provide individual services such as information and referral, legal assistance and transportation, as well as group services such as educational events and health and wellness activities.

Davie county senior center.jpg

Davie County Senior Center, Mocksville

seymour senior center.jpg

Seymour Senior Center, Chapel Hill

senior servies.jpg

Lexington Senior Center, Lexington

The Alliance Steering Committee

The Steering Commmittee serves to manage the business and affairs of the Alliance.

To have representation from across the state, every effort is made to retain one delegate from each of the sixteen (16) North Carolina regions and one additional member to ensure an odd number of seats. 


Monthly meetings ensure the alliance is hard at work to coordinate and implement activities that will promote senior centers and their professional staff across the state.

2023-2024 NC Senior Center Directory

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